Saving People, Hunting Things—the Family Business: Why You Should Be Watching Supernatural

Lauren LeBlanc, Magazine Editor, '13

Angels.  Demons.  Attractive men slaying monsters across the country.  That should be convincing enough already, to be honest.

In all seriousness, the CW’s Supernatural, first airing in 2005, has been going strong with its devoted global fanbase, and currently the series is preparing to wrap up its eighth—yes, you heard right, EIGHTH—season.  The show follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, raised to be “hunters” by their father after a demon brutally kills their mother, as they travel across the country and fight the creatures that go bump in the night.  Whether they’re creatures that you’ve heard of—vampires, werewolves, vengeful ghosts—or ones you’ve never seen before (immortal Nazi necromancers, anybody?), the boys work outside the law to save humanity from the supernatural entities that haunt the nation. This latest season, in which the Winchesters seek out a powerful tool to help them finally close the gates of Hell, has seen a resurgence in the show’s popularity as it competes with the CW’s newer hits like the Vampire Diaries and Arrow.

Supernatural takes well-known tropes and situations from horror movies and reinvigorates them, often confronting the issues that come along with living a life filled with so much instability and violence. Yet unlike other shows about the paranormal, it also has a healthy sense of humor about itself and its subject matter with some excellent themed episodes that spoof various aspects of pop culture and even itself, developing a relationship that appreciates its most loyal fans.  It is violent and gory to be sure, but I’ve found that for me personally the first season is the scariest and everything that follows is manageable.

The finale episode for this season, entitled “Sacrifice”, airs on Wednesday, May 15th on the CW at 9 PM.  However, I highly recommend catching up with the previous seven seasons (which are all available on Netflix) in order to fully grasp everything the Winchesters have faced these past eight years.  So, if you’re looking for something to marathon after you ace all your finals like the brilliant person you are, definitely check it out!