How Do You Watch TV?


People increasingly watch movies and shows by subscribing to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Eva Lucchino and Annie Roebuck, Assistant Editor '15 and Features Editor '15

In a fast-paced world, where most have little to no time for the set time schedules of their favorite shows and movies, it’s not uncommon for people to watch TV on anything but the TV itself.  With the ability to catch up on programs using laptops, tablets, and more, the number of people that actually watch TV live has dwindled greatly.

With websites like Netflix and Hulu, one can instantly watch seasons of practically any show.  The accessibility of Netflix allows subscribers to watch numerous, popular TVseries, like The Office, Breaking Bad, Revenge, and more from anywhere that has internet capability.  Compared to the past, it is very easy to watch entire seasons of multiple shows at the same time without losing your place, for Netflix remembers where exactly you stopped in the program.  At the end of one episode, the site also queues up the next episode in an attempt to persuade one to continue watching and consequently get sucked into the inescapable vortex that is Netflix.

Hulu, on the other hand, is a site where one can get caught up, for free, on recent episodes of shows they have missed.  These websites allow people, with inflexible schedules, to choose when to watch their favorite series.  TV shows aren’t only available on the Hulu website, but also on numerous apps for tablets, which aren’t uncommon for networks to have in order to make their most recent episodes and clips accessible to their viewers.  Examples of some popular networks that currently have apps, which allow you to watch what is on TV even when you aren’t sitting directly in front of one, include ABC, ABC Family, ESPN, and CBS.

The evolution of how people watch TV has brought about a more convenient way to keep up with your favorite shows.  A word of the wise: if you choose to, or already, utilize the expediency of Netflix and Hulu, then stay away from social networking sites or your favorite shows could be spoiled!