The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Mallory Bush, Staff Writer

John Green’s popular novel, The Fault in Our Stars, had many fans in Pittsburgh before the bestselling novel was slated to become a motion picture. But now that much of the movie is being filmed here in our city, John Green, his book, and the soon-to-be  box office blockbuster are creating quite a buzz around “Little Hollywood”, as Pittsburgh is affectionately referred to.

Centralizing around two regular teenagers battling cancer, The Fault in Our Stars showcases how the relationship between the two adolescents is affected by illness. Like the characters in most of  Green’s novels, Augustus and Hazel are interesting and relatable to a broad audience, particularly to young adults. Only a few short weeks after word dropped in earlier August that the movie would be filmed in Pittsburgh, film crews, directors, and actors (including Ansel Elgort and Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Shailene Woodley) arrived to start production, using the Pittsburgh backdrop to illustrate the novel’s true setting, Indiana. Fans from high schools across the region, including some from Oakland Catholic, have been spotted on the film’s various shooting locations throughout the city. While the stars receive their own share of attention, the author, himself, has proven to be the most popular autograph sought  after by visitors to the set.

The Fault in Our Stars is not the first major motion picture to be filmed in Pittsburgh. Over the past several years, major cinematic hits such as The Dark Knight Rises, Abduction, and Adventureland, to name just a few, have all put Pittsburgh on the map as a capital for the filming industry in this country. It’s not uncommon for actors to embrace local customs during their time in the “Steel City.”  Many Hollywood celebrities have been spotted eating in our city’s restaurants, attending sporting events, and even reaching out to local charities.

Ashley Van Alen, Special Events Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, says that over the past few years, some of the actors and actresses  filming in the city have actually made cameos at the hospital. “It is of course a treat to have the famous actors take time to visit with the patients and families. Despite their illness, the kids sometimes feel so lucky to be in the hospital at that moment!” As a specific example, Ms. Van Alen clearly remembers the time when “Anne Hathaway came to visit for several hours while filming Batman. She met a patient on their birthday which was a terrific surprise for them.”

A detail that many don’t know about The Fault in Our Stars movie is that it will  feature several local teenage cancer patients and survivors as extras and members of a support group.

Not only does this movie bring out the best from Hollywood, but The Fault in Our Stars also brings out the best in Pittsburgh.