How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Lady


Annie Roebuck, Arts and Entertainment Editor '15

It’s that time again… that time of the year when everywhere you turn, red and pink and hearts and chocolates bombard you. If you currently have that “special someone” (and I don’t mean your cat) to spend Valentine’s Day with, good for you! But, if you’re single, February 14th often feels, well, awkward and irritating. Don’t fret, single ladies of OC, because this year, you can have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Get together with your girlfriends for a manicure session, where everyone brings their favorite color. Plan a chick-flick movie marathon. I recommend Clueless, Freaky Friday, Pitch Perfect, or anything Disney! Have the local pizza delivery company’s phone number on speeddial – no explanation necessary. If you are feeling fierce, watch YouTube and learn the Single Ladies Dance to remind yourself that you are a strong woman, regardless of your dating status. Overall, keep the holiday in perspective; it’s only one day of the year, and just think,on February 15th, all the overpriced chocolate will go on sale!

Happy Valentine’s Day, OC!