Frozen: Is it Tangled up with Tangled?


Photo Courtesy of Google Images


Kathryn Daigle , Staff Writer '17

Songs filled our hallways this winter and continue to fill as we enter spring. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” “Love Is an Open Door” and “Let It Go” can be heard all over Oakland Catholic. Why? One word: Frozen. The entire movie just gets us excited. But why?

First off, there are two princesses in the film, Anna and Elsa. Elsa (who becomes queen) has magical ice powers that have the capacity to help and harm people. She lives in constant fear of hurting the people she loves most; and therefore shuts out the world. On the evening of her coronation, she gets upset and accidentally curses her kingdom, Arendelle, with an eternal winter. Anna is determined to go find her sister to reverse the curse.

She meets up with a wisecracking ice seller named Kristoff and his best friend Sven, a reindeer, and a witty snowman named Olaf. This team fails to bring Elsa home; it is Anna’s fiancé Hans who can take credit for that. In Arendelle, Hans later betrays Anna by revealing his true evil side –– that he never loved her — while Anna is slowly freezing to death as a result of being struck in the heart by one of Elsa’s icicles. Only an act of true love can save Anna, and it appeared that Hans was her only hope. In the film’s biggest plot twist, it is revealed that Hans has been determined from the get go to kill Elsa and take the throne for himself. Anna realizes this and instead of saving herself with a true loves kiss from Kristoff, she sacrifices herself by jumping between Han’s raised sword and her sister. This turns out to be an act of true love that saves Anna and Elsa! Happy Ending!

The truth is that Frozen may remind you a lot of that amazing movie Tangled. It is true, Frozen and Tangled have a lot of similarities –– even the single-word titles bear resemblance to each other. But there are other reasons as well. Rapunzel has an adorable chameleon and apple loving horse as sidekicks, while Anna has a witty snowman and a carrot loving reindeer. Rapunzel and Anna are both fun loving and quirky. Disney uses the same king of animation in both films which results in the two films looking very similar. The three heroines are all from Europe –– Tangled is supposedly set in Germany and Frozen in Norway. The two plot lines also seem to mirror each other; an adventure that ends with two main characters falling in love, a death scene, a prince saving a princess, and, of course, a happy ending.

Hold the phone… this isn’t how the plot unfolds in Frozen! No, not at all! What is considered “typical Disney” was diverted from when a major plot twist was inserted. Anna and Elsa didn’t need a prince or any man to save them: all they needed were each other. This shows us that there is more than one type of love in the world. There’s the lovey-dovey kind of love, sisterly and brotherly type of love, and unconditional love.

This leads way to the most important difference that Frozen and Tangled have: the theme. The theme of Tangled is “Follow your dreams” and “Find your true self”, while the theme in Frozen is “Love at first sight is not always a sure thing.” and “Love will thaw a frozen heart.” Take away from Tangled: “I need to find myself a Flynn Rider or an adorable animal fast!” Take away from Frozen: “I wonder whose icy heart I could thaw like Anna?” Well, maybe not. But it could make you think of the deeper side of love and how you can use it to someone else’s benefit. Maybe.

I know that kind of puts Tangled in a bad light, and don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but I think Frozen is more thought provoking than Tangled. Which do you think is better; Frozen or Tangled? Leave your answers in the comment section below!