Rosanna Pansino: An Unconventional Cooking Show

Rosanna Pansino

Grace Doerfler '18, Staff Writer

“Let’s get started!”  With a few emphatic twirls of the finger, Rosanna Pansino energetically jumps into every video on her baking channel, ready with a new recipe to amaze her audience. She has become famous on YouTube for her unorthodox baked goods, cheery demeanor, and frequent sound effects. Her channel, Nerdy Nummies, instructs viewers on how to create imaginative foods such as Rubik’s Cube Brownies and Pi Pie Pops.

Pansino’s channel is engaging. She wears a radiant smile throughout every video and never fails to craft a creative new delicacy before watchers’ wondering eyes. The episodes are short enough to keep a viewer’s attention, but long enough for Pansino to sneak in a few enthusiastic “Num num num num num!”s. Her recipes have wide variety, from cookies to cakes to pies. Within each of those categories, variation is endless. Do you want Frozen’s Elsa in cake form? Would a Twitter-themed cookie go perfectly with your tea? Do you need the perfect dessert to take to a potluck? No matter the situation, Pansino has an innovative idea ready.

However, Pansino’s channel does have some downsides. Baking experience is required for watchers. Novices will find her rapid-fire instructions insufficient and difficult to follow — it’s not a tutorial channel. Additionally, the baker’s ebullient attitude can be a bit overwhelming or off-putting. Be prepared for a huge burst of energy as soon as you click on a video.

Overall, Pansino’s friendly manner and creative ideas are enough to entice her watchers into pulling out their baking mitts. With themed baking projects and suggestions from viewers to inspire further episodes, classic apple pie has no place on Pansino’s channel.