Taking a Look Into: Into the Woods

Kathryn Daigle ’17 and Jordan Schmitt ’18 , News Editor and Staff Writer

Do you remember those childhood stories, like Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Little Red Riding Hood?  Well imagine them all combined into this fantasy of a movie: Into the Woods.  Into the Woods is five stories in one; the individual stories intertwine and form an amusing tale. The four original fairy tales are disrupted by the wishes of a baker and his wife.  The couple wants to have a child, but are unable to, so a witch instructs them to  obtain four objects with which she will make a potion that will give them a child. The movie is about how all of these people obtain their wishes, but the underlying theme is “to be careful what you wish for.” Once everyone has found what they wanted in the beginning of the story, things go awry. The Baker found magic beans belonging to his father, and, along the way, he traded them to Jack. When his mother saw him returning with beans instead of money for the cow, she throws them out, causing a beanstalk to grow. Jack climbs it and discovered a whole world of giants above. He steals too much from the giants, enraging them to come down and hunt for him, and create havoc for everyone else in the story.

The story was amazing!  It was so entertaining to see how all these storylines coincidentally connected into one big movie! The only problem was the long running time. Either way, it was a marvelous film, and it is adapted from a musical so the singing adds to the pleasant experience. See Into the Woods; it is an interesting movie that will make you think while entertaining you.

Into the Woods generated both positive and negative reviews from movie critics. The music found a way to move the hearts of many, but the plot could not keep the viewers’ attention.  Most critics loved the characters and enjoyed seeing their stories played out, but too often the way the plot interwove the characters was confusing and left some of the audience in the dust. Although the cinematography was fantastic, the general reaction is that the movie itself may be too dark and too difficult for children to understand.