Star Wars: Can Our Generation Appreciate The Movie Franchise?

Daniela Watkins ‘19, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

I recently watched Star Wars for the first time with one of my older sisters.  While we were watching the movie, she argued that I was too young to appreciate it.  During the 70s, Star Wars was incredibly popular because the movie had used visual effects and cinematography that had never been seen before in the film-making industry. Nowadays, the once-popular effects and tactics used in the original film are considered to be outdated for the lack of technology.  While I was watching it I definitely wasn’t impressed at first, but then I considered the age it was made in and I tried to see it differently.  The movie franchise has frequently made movies throughout the past 30 years and consistently updating their effects with new technologies and cinematography to evolve with the modern styles.

Be that as it may, will actually make it more appealing to our age group?  Based on research from movie critics’ reviews, the upcoming film is definitely worth seeing.  However, many people have seen Star Wars, but I haven’t met any Star Wars fanatics.

When the new movie comes out will people really care about watching it?  Are people getting sick of the story and will the series ever truly come to an end? Maybe when the Star Wars movies finally come to an end it will be seen as a classic.  All of these are questions and predictions, but only time will tell.