Heart’s Desire

Oyinkan Adebajo '20, Staff Writer

Heart’s Desire -A poem


I understand why you are here. I understand that you want more. I understand your fear; I understand your need to soar. But everything you’ve learned, let go of it now. Let it go, and I’ll show you how.


Never be afraid, don’t display any weakness. Be ready, on your guard: that’s the key to awesome power. Everything you’ve learnt, let go of it now. Let go of it, and you’ll see how….


If you can feel it, be real with it; go ahead—don’t conceal it. Just go through the night and the stormiest of the skies. You must know me, you must follow me; go ahead, you have to show me. Go through the night and I’ll show you your heart’s— I’ll show you your heart’s— I’ll show your heart’s desire!


Show your heart’s desire!


Come on, you can do this. Strengthen your skill; trust in me. I shall help you get through this. There’s no one else, I’m family. Watch me; see earth collide! It’s your turn, and it’s better this time!


And once you feel it, don’t conceal it! Go ahead, control it! Go throughout time, like you’ve never seen the ice! If you know me, you have to show me! Go ahead, astound me, and go throughout time, while discovering your heart’s—Discovering Your Heart’s Desire!


I felt it; I dealt with it… Already I have learned it! I’ve been gone the night, time after time! I fully know me; you’ve shown me all the things that I can be! After all this time, I have found my heart’s—FOUND MY HEART’S DESIRE!!
I found my heart’s desire