Self-Deprecation on Social Media: A One Way Ticket to Humor


Maggie Storti ‘20, Staff Writer

Memes, relatability, talking to people around the world, watching funny videos, and… self-deprecation: such is the Internet in 2016. Social media plays a major role in the everyday life of adults and teenagers especially. Whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Facebook, these social media sites all have one thing in common: the regular use of self-deprecation. You may ask, “What is self-deprecation?” “Self-deprecation is the act of reprimanding oneself by belittling, undervaluing, disparaging oneself, or being excessively modest. It can be used in humor and tension release” (Wikipedia).

So, why is it so popular? Everyone around the world uses this method for multiple reasons: to release tension, to make others laugh, and to try to gain a sense of relatability.

First of all, as self-deprecation is a worldwide phenomenon, it releases tension. I mean, what makes you feel better than when the entire world is laughing and belittling themselves along with you? It’s a release of a weight off of your shoulders  in trying to be a part of the social normality, and it’s a feeling of being more comfortable in your own skin knowing that millions of other people that you have never even met share the same qualities of being a human. It is a sense of relief among one another.

Next, self-deprecation can now be considered a “meme”. Why? Because there are many different types of these acts of self-deprecation in different formats. People would joke about their existence, their school life, and anything else they could just for the “lols”. When people see a funny statement or an event that happened to a person about their life, they laugh. It is a natural thing to laugh at certain mistakes of your own and of others. It makes people laugh and feel more comfortable to joke about something about themselves rather than something about another person.

Then there is the relatability aspect. People all around the world share many different qualities, but on the internet more people come together as one. When someone says something that they’ve done that is quite absurd or funny, the common response from millions of internet users is “same” or “me”. They feel the same way that person did in that situation or they feel the same way about themselves. Self-deprecation brings people together as they feel the same way about the same topic, and if thousands all share the same aspect, the concept is going to gain popularity.

Overall, no matter how or where it is used, you will always see self-deprecation. People use it all the time just to make themselves feel better or even just get a laugh out of it. It is easy to see, but hard to stop. Self-deprecation is a one-way ticket to relief and humor all around the world.