How Ed Sheeran Might Save the Music Industry in 2017

Maggie Storti ‘20, Staff Writer

After the turmoiled-filled year known as 2016, everyone was looking for hope for something greater. That is when the famous singer-songwriter came to save the day. 2017 started off with a bang when Ed Sheeran announced that he is releasing new music. He announced this message to the world through a tweet on the 1st of January. The world went crazy when seeing this message, as if they weren’t going mad already when he changed his Twitter background and header to a light blue hinting at a new album.

Now as it is February, everyone is patiently waiting for the album’s release which is on March 3rd. This new album is called ‘Divide’ and is his third album after ‘Plus’ and ‘Multiply’. Sheeran has already released tour dates for Europe, the UK, South America, and Mexico which tickets already went on sale. Sadly, North America has to patiently wait until March for the American tour to be announced. Additionally, the regular and the deluxe album’s set list has been released. The world just has to wait to hear the music behind the words.

Though the album has not been put out publicly, Sheeran did release two of the songs off the album, “Shape of You”and “Castle On the Hill.” These two songs with totally different-sounds climbed up the charts as they are now number one and two.

Everyone is ambitious and waiting to hear what stories Sheeran has to bring through this new album after being on a hiatus with no phone or technology at all. All we have to do is just wait and see, but we can already tell that 2017 is going to be extraordinary.