Beauty and the Beast: The Beloved Fairy Tale Blossoms into Reality

Trailer courtesy of You

Kathryn Daigle '17, Editor-in-Chief

Many aspects of the simple story of Beauty and the Beast resonate with many young women, even today in our modern and sometimes harsh world: the headstrong girl who never seems to fit in, the sad Beast bound by a spell of his past, delightfully animated objects, and an exquisite rose that binds them all together. These are the formal trappings of a story that goes on to discuss important ideas including love, adventure, fear, family, ego, and sacrifice.

Although the story has existed for centuries, Disney’s retelling of the beloved tale has given the version a fresh look for a new era. Now is the perfect time for people to ponder the themes and ideas presented in this story. In a world motivated by selfish desire and egos that have grown far too large, and in a time where cynics decry the magic created by imagination, the simple story of a beast hungry for love and the beautiful lady who has the capability to set him free has more power than it ever held in the past.

The opening scene displays to audience a prince, petted by all those around him and puffed up with arrogant pride. He is so fixated on his own image and  lust for shallow beauty that he turns away the simple yet beauteous gift from an old beggar. As it turns out, this wandering  is really an enchantress who sought to see any hint of love in the hard and cruel heart of the prince. Seeing none, she transforms him into what he really is: a horrid and disgustingly hideous beast.

The music changes, and the small town that houses the great mind and imagination of Belle appears. Through the opening score of Belle the characters of the hamlet come to life, Gaston, LeFou, Agathe, Maurice, and, of course, Belle. A sweet yet determined young woman, Belle is the outcast of the small society as she refuses to bend to the wishes and desires of other people. Her longings to seek adventure worry her protective father whose past is full joy overshadowed pain. However, despite his best efforts, adventure finds his beloved daughter and sends her far away to a dark and hopeless castle.

The rest of the story must be experienced, for words cannot capture the miracles and delights that harbour in the corners of this silver screen. Rest assured, this new retelling of an old classic that is the favorite of many is well taken care of in Disney’s latest release. The studio brilliantly brings to life the characters and magic that captured past audiences and wonderfully presents the story so many need to hear.