The Rise of Independent Films

Olivia Garver '19, Staff Writer

In 2017, some of the biggest movies released started out as small independent films that never expected to reach the award shows, but ended up being some of the biggest hits of the year; most of which have a common theme of tackling subjects often not talked about in the media. Movies such as The Big Sick, Lady Bird, and Call Me by Your Name may not have a large peer outreach, but the critics brought them far enough to collectively receive nine Oscar nominations. These films related to groups such as women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. Because these small filmmakers usually aren’t in it for the money, they don’t feel the need to please anyone. In their films they say what needs to be said, they don’t make yet another cliché romantic-comedy.

Award shows may seem pointless, but they help bring new or struggling filmmakers and actors into the world of film. The importance of independent films says it in the name of the genre– it gives filmmakers who are starting out or don’t have a big name a chance to show their talent. So next time you want to watch the next installment of The Fast and the Furious in theatres, try exploring locally made or not widely released films that explore current social issues.