Ed Sheeran Stuns the Steel City

Emma Holtz '20, Assistant Editor

Emma Holtz

Assistant Editor ‘20

Ed Sheeran Stuns the Steel City

The sun may have set on September 2018, but musical sensation Ed Sheeran lit up Pittsburgh with the voices of an almost sold-out crowd at PNC Park on September 29th. After openers Anne Marie and Snow Patrol finished their sets and a 25-minute intermission, all light vanished from PNC, leaving a dozen dazzling blue Divide symbols to illuminate the stadium. To an anthem of giddy screams, Sheeran appeared on the massive stage armed with his trusty acoustic guitar, mic, and loop pedal. Sporting a black t-shirt with a figure resembling late Pittsburgh-born wrapper Mac Miller, Sheeran ignited the crowd with his newest hit “Castle on the Hill,” then immediately transitioned into his 2011 classic “The A Team.” No matter if you were sitting in the front row or up in the nosebleeds, Sheeran’s heartfelt anecdotes between songs and his humorous advice for boyfriends and “superdads” sacrificing their Saturday night for people they love made his concert feel like a private gig for thousands of his closest friends.

People of all ages and relationship statuses came out that night to catch a glimpse of the legend lighting up the city skyline. Infants, slews of teenagers, middle-aged mothers, and even grandparents packed PNC Park’s seats to enjoy the performance. Love was in the air, especially during Sheeran’s performance of “Tenerife Sea,” where one boyfriend’s heartwarming marriage proposal tugged at the heartstrings of every person in the stadium. Sheeran provided an excellently executed setlist, which was full of songs from every genre. “Thinking Out Loud” and “Perfect” set the ideal mood for cell-phone flashlights to make an appearance, while Irish tunes like “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl” got the crowd joyfully dancing the night away. After finishing his 2014 hit “Sing,” Sheeran left the stage in a hastey fashion, only to encore shortly afterwards to thunderous cheers reverberating throughout the cityscape. “Shape of You” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” closed out the show with a bang, stunning the crowd and leaving them anxiously waiting for the announcement of another Pittsburgh tour date.