Fall Out Boy Concert to be Remembered for Centuries

Alyssa Fredette '20, Staff Writer

Fall Out Boy’s latest Pittsburgh concert was quite a success. The M A N I A tour’s second US circuit is their biggest to date, and they’re certainly putting all of their effort into giving fans a good show.

The punk rock band, hailing from Chicago, has been around since 2001. Quite impressively, their lineup has barely changed in those 17 years, with the only replacement being drummer Andy Hurley joining in 2003. What is unique about Fall Out Boy is that their lead singer, Patrick Stump, prefers the backseat, so that most of the attention falls upon the bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz. Joe Trohman, lead guitar, owes his career to a chance meeting with Patrick in a Borders bookstore where they supposedly argued about who knows more about music.

Fall Out Boy put together an amazing VIP lounge experience, including refreshments, display cases filled with memorabilia, and a fun photobooth. The displays included many of their music awards, mementos from music videos, and pieces from Pete Wentz’s old clothing line. Everything was themed around the color purple and included many llamas.

The two opening performers, Every Time I Die and Machine Gun Kelly were both outside of Fall Out Boy’s usual genre, with ETID being much more hardcore and MGK being a rapper, but they still managed to capture the crowd’s attention and put on their own amazing shows.

Fall Out Boy themselves opened with “Disloyal Order of Water Buffalos,” a song which had not been on the setlist for years. The appearance of that song was the highlight of the show for many older fans. Newer fans got to enjoy their hits such as “Centuries” and “Uma Thurman.” With a setlist of 24 songs, there was something for everyone.

As far as pyrotechnics went, Fall Out Boy really outdid themselves. They had the usual fire and sparks, but sometimes even went further with colored flames, actual fireworks (complete with the deafening cracks), and Pete Wentz shooting fire out of his bass. The heat could truly be felt during “Light Em’ Up,” which was quite appropriate for the song.

The crowd went wild throughout the entire show. Everyone had a great time. So many fans who had loved this band for years saw them for the first time. I have never heard so many stories of people blowing off school or work for an event before, and they all swore it was worth it. Even the girl who was stomped on while attempting to grab a guitar pick was ecstatic. The show was a complete success, and I cannot wait until they come back to Pittsburgh again!