Movie Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Nyiah Lance '22, Staff Writer

Lara Jean is a quiet, junior in high school. She is also passionate writer when it comes to confessing her feelings for the boys she’s loved before: “There’s Kenny from camp, Peter from 7th grade, Lucas from homecoming, John Ambrose from Model UN, and Josh.” Even though she pours her heart out in the letters, she does not intend to send them. Ever. However, when the letters are somehow shipped out, Lara Jean’s life becomes a whirlwind.

Peter Kavinsky is one of her crushes, and is the boyfriend of Gen, Lara Jean’s ex-best friend. When Gen breaks up with Peter for a college student, Peter is heart broken, but comes up with a plan to get her back. The plan is for Lara Jean and Peter to fake a relationship. Lara Jean thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous, but eventually gives in and agrees. They (mainly Lara Jean) set some rules, such as watching specific movies and going on the school’s annual ski trip. When the relationship commences, everyone is completely shocked. The inconspicuous Lara Jean Covey with the popular Peter Kavinsky is not what everyone at school would consider “normal”. As time goes on, LJ and Peter’s bond gets stronger and the relationship becomes more and more natural for the both of them. They endure ups and downs as if they were a real couple. After trying to avoid the fact that they should be together, Lara Jean comes to the realization that her and Peter are meant for each other, and Peter absolutely agrees.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before​ is a great movie for the teen fantasizer in all of us. The movie, based off of the book, ​To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before​ by Jenny Han, will leave you wishing you had your own Peter Kavinsky.

10/10- I recommend! This movie was produced by, and therefore is available on, Netflix.