A Quest For Oakland’s Best Hot Chocolate

A Quest For Oaklands Best Hot Chocolate

Isabella Viator '22, Staff Writer

With this crazy Pittsburgh weather and the Holiday season coming up, people are getting back into their winter routine. When you’re an Oakland Catholic student, walking around in the snow is inevitable, and sometimes all that sounds good is a festive cup of hot chocolate. Luckily, we are in the center of a very commercial area, so there are many places near school that offer hot chocolate. Within less than a mile, there are three major places to get a warm drink: Starbucks, Crazy Mocha, and Crepes Parisiennes.

My first stop was Starbucks. Everyone recognizes that festive holiday disposable cup and most of us have had one or two (or more) drinks from this coffee empire. Some people complain about Starbucks drinks being over sweetened. The regular hot chocolate is relatively sweet, but not aggressively sweet like some other drinks they offer. The chocolate flavor is a bit lacking, but the richness of the drink is perfect.  Overall, the drink is a good option when you want a hot chocolate, but not the very best.

While I did not try the hot chocolate at my second stop, Crazy Mocha, I’ve had many drinks from there and I can make an established comparison to the other shops. Crazy Mocha is located in the main library building. The store offers not only coffee drinks, but also smoothies and comically large cookies. The drinks at this café are a bit over sweetened, but overall, they are satisfactory. The service is courteous and the general experience of the café is lovely.

Finally, there was Crepe Parisiennes. This café is a bit different then the other two because it is not a franchise of a brand, but it still fits into the category of cafés in Oakland. Their hot chocolate is made with chocolate steamed milk. The flavor is unique and didn’t taste like any other hot chocolate I’d had before. It seemed to be a little more concentrated with cacao. This different flavor is delicious and really adds to the richness of the drink. The texture of the steamed milk also really complements the drink. In my opinion, the hot chocolate here was the best out of all three cafés.