Jeff Goldblum’s Valentine Jazz Performance

Alyssa Fredette '20, Staff Writer

Pittsburgh native, Jeff Goldblum, is most commonly known for his acting roles in movies such as Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok, but did you know he’s had a jazz band since the 90s? He even practices playing the piano every single day, and it shows.

He described returning to Pittsburgh as a reunion of sorts, and he even managed to reunite with a girl he had kissed in kindergarten. The entire show was a mix of jazz performances and stand up comedy, both of which were incredibly entertaining.

Goldblum’s incredibly charismatic persona radiated off the stage, and it was particularly enjoyable to watch him attempt to remember Pittsburgh slang (most of it too old for me to recognize) and just to hear him talk about getting his children to watch the Steelers.

There was even some audience participation when he brought some people up on stage to impersonate some of his characters. One woman perfectly nailed that weird little laugh he did in the first Jurassic Park. Another man had memorized the exact dates when all of his movies had come out. At one point his cousin showed up, and he told everyone about his crazy uncle.

At the end of the show, the Jurassic Park theme played as Goldblum waved a Terrible Towel. Everyone was immediately ushered outside, unless you had a wristband. Those lucky few with the wristbands all received a warm hug, a few chuckles, and the right to brag that they met one of the nicest celebrities that exists (on Valentine’s Day, no less). Honestly, Jeff Goldblum is amazing.

As far as the jazz went, I’m not personally very knowledgeable on that style of music, but my father, who loves jazz, said it was a very good show and that he had a very distinct style.