The Return of the Jonas Brothers

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

The Jonas Brothers are back after a six year break! All of their fans were saddened at their break up and while many hoped and dreamed of them coming back, the longer the brothers were apart as recording artists, the more unlikely the return seemed. During the long break, two of the brothers, Nick and Joe, recorded new albums and performed solo and with their new bands, while Kevin focused on building a family with his long time sweetheart having two beautiful daughters. But on Thursday, February 28, 2019, the Jonas Brothers broke the six year silence by announcing their return with the release of a new single that night. Their new single “Sucker” had fans going wild over the new tune that quickly rose to number one on the charts. To celebrate their return, they even recreated a funny video and gave away an autographed poster to one lucky fan through a contest. Fans were overjoyed with their return and things seemed to fall right back into place for the band. Everything in the world was balanced in every fan’s eyes. Another way they celebrated their return was by hosting the Late Late Show with James Corden the entire following week. Nick, Kevin, and Joe all started the week with being “kidnapped” by James and ended it with performing their new single. Throughout the week, they also dove into the details of why and how they got back together. Nick started by explaining that he was the one who broke up the band, but also was the one who got it back together. When all of the brothers got together to film a Jonas documentary, they started to realize that they never felt better than when they started to play with the idea of making music with each other again. Also, the brothers had to work through a lot of feelings that were suppressed for the past six years before they could jump back into making music again. The music video for “Sucker” also was well-received, and included their wives and fiancé getting into the act. The popularity of “Sucker” confirmed what fans knew all along. The charisma of the Jonas Brothers had not faded during the break and their music showed they were better than ever, Then, earlier this month, the Jonas Brothers released their second single “Cool,” wowing fans again and making everyone want even more music. Finally, they announced their new album, Happiness Begins, will be released on June 7, 2019.  Fans excitedly await its debut. The Jonas Brothers seemed overwhelmed, in a good way, by the immediate supportive response to their return after such a long hiatus. Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more happy years together!