A Sensational Swinging Sequel—Spiderman: Far From Home Review

  Marvel’s latest film, Spiderman: Far From Home, premiered on July 2, 2019. It is set to be released on DVD on October 1st. The movie made $1.128 billion in the box office and has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film takes place after the events of Marvel’s Infinity War and Endgame. It follows Peter Parker and his classmates as they readjust to society while taking a school-sponsored trip throughout Europe. Many fans were happy with the film, but some found it confusing and hard to follow. We spoke with Josie Richardson ‘22, a huge OC Marvel fan, to get her take on the movie. 

 Q: What was your overall opinion of the movie?

 A: “I really enjoy watching Marvel movies, and when I found out that they were making more Spiderman movies to add to the MCU, I was really excited. Marvel’s latest movie, Far From Home, was awesome, I loved the character development of Peter Parker and how they took details from the past spiderman movies and added them to the new one but also I liked how they brought in new ideas.”   

Q: Which one was better: Homecoming or Far from Home?

A: “I loved both movies because of the involvement of other Marvel Avengers characters, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be FFH because it was really just a different perspective of Peter Parker’s character and there was a different plot than the other movies.”  

Q: What do you think could have been done better (if anything)?

A: “I do think that the introduction of the character Mysterio could have been in a little more depth, and that the whole thing that happened in Endgame could have had a little more time or explanation in the movie but, besides that, I thought it was a really good movie.” 

Despite all these great reviews, others believe that Marvel could have done a better job with their most popular character. Some people think that, while the feature was great, it did not compare to its predecessor, Spiderman: Homecoming. A third movie could end this debate in the fandom, but fans almost did not get this equalizer. Even though the movie did so well, Sony and MCU had not been able to come to an agreement about keeping Spiderman in the MCU. This meant that Spiderman is no longer apart of the Marvel Franchise. Many fans were devastated, for they were hoping for a third Spiderman movie. The fan’s voices were heard because on September 27, 2019, the MCU released that they have made a new deal with Sony to keep Spiderman and also announced that the release date of the third movie in the Spiderman Franchise will be July 16, 2021.