Boo? More like Burr: White Christmas! Production is Underway

Oakland and Central Catholic’s masque show is in production, with cast members working hard to perform in the classic holiday play White Christmas! The show is set in 1944 during WWII, and follows the journeys of two US army soldiers–both entertainers–working together to put on a show for the troops of the 151st Division in a forward area. Vanessa Moats, a sophomore, whose performance in White Christmas! will mark her third masque show, gives some insight about the masque program and her attitude regarding the fall show for the 2019-2020 school year: 

I am extremely excited to be in another musical this year. When I heard that the musical was going to be White Christmas, I knew that I wanted to be in the cast. This year is my second year in Masque and I am very excited to welcome new cast members and reconnect with my musical friends. Practicing has begun and is in full swing with us already having dances choreographed and music learned. I am very excited to be a featured dancer and loved getting to learn new styles of dance through Masque. I cannot wait to continue learning new dances and prepare for opening night on November 7, 2019. One of my favorite things about Masque is how the show comes together and the cast gets to know each other so well because of all the time spent together. Although it takes hard work and commitment, the end result is so fulfilling that every second is worth it. I hope to see you there and to all my castmates: let’s get out there and continue to work hard to make a great show!