Shawn Mendes Woos the PPG Paints Arena

Alison Sinicki '22, Staff Writer

Shawn Mendes is a prime example of a teen pop star. The twenty-one-year-old singer has three albums, twenty music videos, and fifteen singles ⁠— thirteen of which have made the Billboard Top 100, 5 within the top 10, and 1 number one hit. Mendes is on his way to becoming a household name, especially households with teenage girls. This summer, his third world tour led him here to Pittsburgh, where he performed at PPG Paints Arena. It is well known that Shawn opened for Taylor Swift during her “1989 World Tour.” He obviously picked up some tips from the global superstar, famous for her amazing and interactive concerts. For example, the crowd was given bracelets that lit up in sync with the beat of the songs, first seen at Taylor Swift concerts. The concert started at 7:30 with Alessia Cara opening for Mendes. At 8:00, “Lost in Japan” started, and the crowd went crazy. The benefit of playing live was the creative freedom it allowed, including a couple of guitar riffs and yells that one cannot hear on the radio. Shawn surprised his audience by playing a few of his older songs, including his first, “Life of the Party,” on the piano. Mendes was very interactive with his audience letting them sing entire songs with him jumping in every now and then. He spread positive messages between sets, sharing the meaning of his songs and reminding the audience he loves them all. He ended the show with the song “In My Blood,” playing the final chord and jumping from the upper part of the stage, which cued the launch of ticker-tape from the hidden cannons. Marigrace Murphy, a freshman at Oakland and some of her friends had the privilege to see the beautiful man in concert. She says “I absolutely loved the Shawn Mendes concert. I guess my favorite part of the concert would be when Shawn played ‘Never Be Alone’ and ‘If I Can’t Have You.’ Those songs just get me!! [insert smiley face emoji] Also, the fact that [my friend] Katie and I got to fulfill our dream of seeing Shawn in concert together! It was one of the best nights of my summer!” I think we can all agree that anything involving this dreamy Canadian is the best. Hopefully, Shawn Mendes returns to Pittsburgh soon, so we can all fulfill our dream of making eye contact and falling in love at first sight.