The Spread of K-Pop

Haley Moreland '22, Staff Writer

Not everyone has noticed it, but recently, K-pop has spread into Western media. If you don’t know, K-pop stands for Korean pop and is a genre that’s been around for quite a while. For along time, K-Pop wasn’t a big deal in the US – it wasn’t even that big of a deal in Korea –, but with recent groups like BTS winning awards at Billboard, and Blackpink performing at large music festivals such as Coachella, K-pop has found its way into the spotlight.

The genre itself is unfamiliar to a majority of the US due to the language barrier and the overall lack of knowledge of Korean music and culture. However, many people find enjoyment by watching the creative songs and dances that K-pop idols perform. Despite the language barrier, K-pop is listened to in many countries all over the world, much like Western pop music. As a result, Korean culture and lifestyle have reached people across continents.

Many people are becoming more knowledgeable about things such as Korean beauty standards, phrases, symbols, and (of course) music. K-pop is only the gateway to a more insightful view of Korean culture, especially as its popularity continues to grow. It may hold the key to eliminating the judgmental stereotypes of Korea as a country and overall give a more positive outlook on Korean society.