Little Shop of Horrors Review

Isabella Viator '22, Magazine Editor

This February, Pittsburgh Public Theater put on Little Shop of Horrors in The O’Reilly theater. This 1980’s musical written by Alan Menken, starred Carnegie Mellon Graduate Philippe Arroyo and Broadway veteran Laura Marcus as Seymour and Audrey. The show centers around a plant shop owned by Mr. Mushnik (Marc Moritz) and an employee named Seymour who discovers a “strange and interesting” plant that seems to have been personified and, among other quirks, has an unquenchable thirst for human blood. The production turned the stage of the O’Reilly into the street of “Skid Row”. The thrust stage gave the impression that the show was going on within the audience as opposed to in front of them.

The various stages of the growing plant named Audrey II (voiced by Monteze Freeland), were portrayed by increasingly intricate puppets. By the end of the show, the plant has completely taken over the small shop and has vines climbing over every square inch of the set. The actors in the show gave in to the fact that it was comedy. As opposed to trying to be funny, the actors naturally delivered their lines with artificially natural humor.

The O’Reilly theater is a small theater in the heart of the cultural district of downtown Pittsburgh, but this production turned the small space into a large spectacle. Behind all of the jokes and flashy numbers, the show also presents many themes about living in poverty and the universal craving for fame and a “perfect life.”

The show ran from January 23 to February 23, 2020. Make sure to check out the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s future productions, as students under 26 can purchase tickets for just $16.50.


For a full cast list and a video trailer from the show: