What is Netflix’s Top Ten List?

Vivian Bui '23, Staff Writer

If you’ve been on Netflix lately, you have probably seen a red badge labeled “Top 10” on the top-right corner of various shows and movies. This label is the streaming service’s newest feature that helps to signify the top 10 most popular movies and TV shows on Netflix based on the country you live in. Also, the list updates daily, so you can watch something new every day. 

There are also two other Top Ten lists. One is for the most popular TV shows while the other is strictly for movies. The list was first introduced to Mexico and the United Kingdom in August 2019. Due to positive feedback about the feature, Netflix added it to other countries. So, if you feel like you have nothing to do during this time indoors, you might want to check out Netflix’s “Top 10” list for something new to watch!