Music through the Pandemic

Alison Sinicki ‘22, Sports Editor

Many things have changed since March. Large crowds are no longer allowed to form, masks are now an essential part of any outfit, hugging and touching have become taboo, and everyone must stay home. These new safety changes have greatly affected the music industry. No crowds mean no concerts, masks and no touching mean no meet and greets or photo-ops, and six feet and staying home means album releases and in-person interviews have become a thing of the past. Sure, there are some musicians who started to ease up the guidelines too early (let’s not talk about the Smash Mouth incident), but most are aware of what being in the spotlight means and how every move they make is observed. Due to the pandemic, the music industry has had to change its method of reaching out to fans and promoting albums.


Social media has become more important than ever. Everywhere you turn there is a new streaming platform for people to use. Whether it was behind the scenes of a music video shot pre-pandemic or the latest hijinks and hobbies that had been created during quarantine, fans have been granted access to the new content of their favorite artist. Many artists have taken to using social media as a way to promote albums. Livestreams are the new way to do album releases. With Instagram Live’s feature of adding another person to your stream, bands are able to promote their albums while following stay-at-home orders. Virtual and impromptu concerts have become popular as well, with fans now having the time to watch streams in the middle of the day. Zoom calls with various radio and talk shows have led a whole new way to do interviews. Hosts now have to learn how to connect with artists without being near them physically. The pandemic has led many artists to delay their album releases because of inability to promote their music in person.


On the flip side, quarantine has allowed many artists the free time and space to create new music. With no obligations to interviews, the inability to shoot music videos, and most concerts being placed on hold until 2021, artists can have time to themselves to get their feelings out, find a new sound,  and perfect lyrics that may have been written down randomly in between events. Taylor Swift is one example of taking advantage of her time off. The world-famous artist wrote her new album, Folklore, during quarantine. Quarantine has become an inspiration for artists like Bon Jovi and Twenty Øne Pilots who have released new songs about the pandemic and the craziness of the world. Needless to say, we will always have music, no matter how rough it gets.