Wonder Woman 1984

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

After a long wait and much anticipation, Wonder Woman 1984 premiered on HBO Max and in some select theaters on Christmas Day. The movie takes place in 1984 and follows Gal Gadot’s character Diana (Wonder Woman) years after the loss of her love, Steve. The movie fully encompassed the 80s era with big hair and bold colors. The overall focus of the movie was on wishes and wanting to be with the people we have lost. Pedro Pascal’s character, Maxwell Lord, was the antagonist whose goal was to run the world and be rich. I got to watch the movie on HBO Max and enjoyed it. I found the overall message taught the important lesson that many of the wishes which we think will bring fulfillment are short-sighted and can result in a loss of something more important than we realize. For example, Diana longs for Steve, but when she gets him back, she starts to lose her powers, which are needed for the greater good. The movie has had a very favorable response. It is impressive that despite the pandemic, many people still were able to watch without the normal movie theater experience. It was definitely a new experience to watch a new movie that would normally be in theaters in my family room. Although my scenery was different, the movie did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who are fans of the DC Universe and liked the first movie. Some exciting news was announced shortly after this movie was released. The third Wonder Woman movie is in the works and the directors hope for a normal theater release after the pandemic has ended. That is something fans will definitely be looking forward to!