Olivia Rodrigo’s Debut Single “Driver’s License” Tops the Charts

Erin Gurtner '23, Staff Writer

Everybody has heard Olivia Rodrigo’s famous song “Driver’s License” whether it be from TikTok or on the Hot 100 Chart. Her song has premiered on the Billboard top 100 and has 67 million streams on Spotify. Oliva Rodrigo is also a member of the Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series cast. Olivia’s success has skyrocketed over the month of January and still continues today. March 5, 2021, marked the 8-week mark of her song being number one on the charts. 

There have been many speculations about the song, such as who it was meant for and what it is describing. Thousands of fans have made their theories, but the most prominent one is that the song is meant to be about her relationship with Joshua Bassett, who is also her co-star in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The song mentions Olivia finally getting her driver’s license and driving through the suburbs. The song consistently mentions a male character but does not give much information about him. She says that he was helping her learn how to drive, and he was so excited for her to get her license. But, Olivia writes about the male character being with a blonde girl that Oliva does not like. Fans made the assumption that the blonde girl is Sabrina Carpenter, who is Bassett’s alleged girlfriend. The two have not made the announcement to the public that they are a couple yet. Olivia also mentions that the male character wrote a song about her. Fans presume that this was Joshua Bassett’s “Anyone Else.” 

Sabrina Carpenter also released a song about a week later called “Skin.” Carpenter claims the song is not a “diss track,” but many lyrics say otherwise. For example, “Maybe blonde was the only rhyme” and also “Don’t drive yourself insane.” This connects to Olivia’s hit song because she mentions a blonde girl and her song is about driving. What are your theories about the true meaning of Oliva Rodrigo’s famous song “Driver’s License?”