The Fate of Grey’s Anatomy

Vanessa Moats '22, Staff Writer

Grey’s Anatomy season 17 is almost at a close. Fans have been wondering since the premiere of this season if there would be a season 18. Since the show this year covered COVID-19, fans were really hoping for another season to get back to the series’ roots and a return to broader topics in the stories for beloved characters. Although this season has been really informative and very emotionally moving by showing what we have all experienced throughout the pandemic, fans still did not want the show to end with this storyline. As a fan of the show, I am glad they chose to show what COVID has done to the world and educate other people on how serious the virus is. Grey’s also tackled current issues on racial equality and sex trafficking. Fans became very worried that this would be the last season because some old characters were brought back, and this was seen as being almost too good to be true. The showrunner Krista Vernoff said earlier that the season 17 finale could function as both a series or season ending. Since the show has been on air for so long and since the pandemic has everyone turning to Netflix, Grey’s Anatomy has sparked a new generation of fans and has an even bigger following. As someone who only started watching the show in the Fall of 2019, quarantine gave me a chance to get caught up to the current season. The show is so relevant to the world right now and never hesitates to attack moral or racial issues that affect society everyday. This is why fans want the show to continue – not only because of the drama of the storyline but because of the message that the show sends to its audience. The fate of the show was up in the air until recently. Fans got their wish earlier this week when Grey’s Anatomy announced that they would be returning for another season. I’m thrilled that they are able to have another season and I hope that this medical drama continues even beyond season 18!