The Easter Season 2021

Erin Gurtner '23, Staff Writer

The Easter season this year looked much brighter than last year’s quarantined Easter celebrations. Many more Catholics were in attendance at Easter Sunday Mass celebrating the rising of Jesus from the tomb; although numbers were not as high as the normal 44% of adults that usually attend Mass. According to an Axios news source, only 27% of adult Catholics planned on attending Easter Mass this year. Many are still afraid of getting Covid-19 and going out during a pandemic. The 64% of churches follow many measures to get people back in church such as mask requirements, hand sanitation, and limited occupancy. Even with vaccine distributions underway, many still did not attend Easter Mass. 

Besides the Catholic Mass, many families are visiting each other for dinner or small gatherings. These gatherings mostly include CDC guidelines such as social distancing. The Easter bunny still made his way to homes across the country bringing eggs, treats, and Easter baskets. Many adults have been vaccinated and the CDC approved small gatherings for Easter celebrations allowing small groups of family members to gather and enjoy the great holiday of Jesus’ resurrection. Fully vaccinated adults can also gather without masks for Easter dinner.

Some popular Easter meals that you or other families may have seen include ham or lamb, salad, pasta or macaroni and cheese, potatoes, beans, and cake. The main Easter traditions in the United States are the dying of eggs as well as sharing chocolate bunnies. The legend of an Easter bunny began in Germany. The dying and painting of eggs was a Ukrainian tradition that passed all over the world. Lilli flowers are often associated with Easter. Peeps marshmallow candy is also very much associated with Easter. Popular Easter movies include Hop, Peter Rabbit, and Risen. Overall, Easter is a holiday associated with joy all over the world and especially for Catholics who can now go to Heaven because of Jesus’ self-sacrifice.