Stray Kids’ “Oddinary” Tops the Billboard 200

Michaela William '24, Staff

      On March 28, K-pop group Stray Kids reached a monumental milestone.  The band’s sixth mini album Oddinary, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.  They have become the third K-pop act to chart a No. 1 album in the U.S., following both BTS and SuperM.  According to Luminate, Oddinary earned a total of 110,000 equivalent album units during the week.  The album’s total score consisted of 103,000 traditional album sales—the most of any 2022 album.  

     Oddinary marked not only the first No. 1 album for the boy band, but their debut appearance on the Billboard 200.  It is extremely rare for any act to go right to the top on their first try, but Stray Kids has been picking up steam all around the world for the past few years, and now with the backing of the American record label, Republic Records, it seems there’s nothing they can’t do.

     The octet formed in 2017 within JYP Entertainment through a survival competition program.  Their debut itself was rather unusual, given that leader Bang Chan picked the members himself, a quite rare instance in the kpop world: this way, members Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N were chosen to be part of the final lineup.  Thanks to their already existing human and artistic bond, Stray Kids was immediately able to develop their own unique and distinctive sound.   Both their pre-debut release Mixtape and their debut album trilogy I Am Not, I Am Who, and I Am You are full of extremely daring songs that made the group’s style recognizable from the very beginning, earning them the attention of the K-pop world.  While the group has been criticized for making “noise music”, they have embraced that title, blending different genres together to create an addictive and flavorful new sound.  With a combination of EDM, hip-hop, and sound effects, Stray Kids has established their place in the music world.  Hit songs from Oddinary include its lead single “MANIAC”, “VENOM”, and “Charmer”.  You can find Oddinary and their other works on all streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.