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OC’s First Virtual Career Symposium

Vanessa Moats ‘22, Staff Writer April 8, 2021

This year’s Career Symposium looked very different from last year’s. The day was held on February 3, 2021, virtually. The program started with the Keynote Speaker, Kathleen Foley Hughes SHHS’78, ...

Impeachment Outcome

Isabella Viator '22, Magazine Editor February 29, 2020

On December 18, 2019, amidst holiday preparations and festivities, the third president in US history was impeached: Donald J. Trump. After the initial shock and reactions, many Americans began to wonder...

Fall Sports Recap

Emma Shaughnessy '20, Sports Editor November 29, 2017

  All the OC sports teams had amazing seasons this fall. This year, each team competed in WPIALS for the first time in Oakland Catholic history.         The cross country team won WPIALS...

More Than Just a Meal: Conflict Kitchen

More Than Just a Meal: Conflict Kitchen

Chloe Yueh '17, Magazine Editor November 8, 2016

Conflict Kitchen, located in Schenley Plaza, serves not just delicious food, but knowledge about countries and regions with which the U.S. is in conflict.  Its mission is to educate the public not only...

The Tastiest Cookie Recipe For Any Occassion

Annie Trainer '18, Staff Writer January 8, 2016

Insanely Tasty Christmas Cookies That Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be much cookie baking, and cookie dough tasting. It’s finally here! It’s...

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AP Classes: To Take or Not to Take?

Caroline Albacete ‘17, Assistant Editor October 1, 2015

     As junior year comes rolling around, many OCHS students are struck with sudden doubt as they stare at their course loads. Why, they think to themselves, did I decide to take AP classes? It was,...

MASQUE- The Stage Crew Expierience

Caroline Albecete '18, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 9, 2015

  Problem: Masque is one heck of a commitment. Practice everyday for three or four hours? Not everybody has that kind of time. Solution: Stage Crew! Only once a week on Saturdays, Stage Crew will...

ISIS: A Continual Menace

ISIS: A Continual Menace

Maggie Leone '17 and Grace Doerfler '18, Sports Editor and Staff Writer April 9, 2015

With beheadings, burnings, and brutal acts of terror, the work of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) militants has been plastered across international headlines for months now. In fact, it seems...

CARE – A World of Good

Caroline Albacete, Staff Writer '17 December 13, 2013

CARE is an international charity, dedicated to aiding people who live in poverty all over the world.  Their mission centralizes around helping impoverished women to gain an education.  CARE advocates...

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