Pittsburgh Takes Charge of the Global Energy Symposium


Tori Trost, Staff Writer '13

Who would have thought that our own quaint city of Pittsburgh would be chosen to hold an international conference on energy reform?

In the spring of 2014, Pittsburgh will be hosting the first Global Energy Symposium to discuss international energy reform with a panel of experts and the public. Leading world officials expected to attend the convention include Lady Barbara Judge, Chairman Emeritus of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA); Ambassador Richard Jones, the current Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency; Dr. Tatsuo Masuda, a prominent energy policy creator in Japan, along with other leaders in the energy field from international governments, industries, universities and non-profit organizations.

The panel will discuss public policy, setting the “Pittsburgh Agenda” as an example for international energy reform and will consider other challenges and opportunities for global energy. Coordinator Dr. Steven E. Sokol, President and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh revealed that Pittsburgh was chosen as the location in order to utilize its “convening power to serve as a hub for the global dialogue on energy”.

Duquesne professor Dr. Kent Moors of the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy and Scholar in Residence at the Institute for Energy and the Environment will be the Executive Chair for the Symposium. Dr. Moors is an world-renowned energy expert, who frequently publishes his expertise on energy policy and risk management. Both Sokol and Moors believe that Pittsburgh will be the leader in attempting to resolve the central energy issue that GES plans to tackle: making efficient energy accessible to the average person.

If you are interested in the topics being discussed or have energy-related ideas of your own to share, continue to check the OC Eagle Eye and other news sites for further information on this symposium coming to Pittsburgh!