Twitter: an Informative News Source or just a Bad Habit?

Twitter: an Informative News Source or just a Bad Habit?

Emma Hoover, Staff Writer '17

Among the myriad of social-networking sites that are online today, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media outlets for teens.  Many people, regardless of age, love Twitter, because it releases new information quickly and allows you to “keep tabs” on your favorite celebrities.

Unfortunately, having access to this amount of information literally at your fingertips can be very distracting. For instance, if I’m doing homework and I decide to take a minute-long break, I undoubtedly will check my Twitter account. Sometimes, I do not even realize how much time has elapsed by the time I eventually get back to my homework. For better or for worse, Twitter updates every 5 seconds with new tweets, unlike other social media sites, such as Instagram or Vine, whose posts are made at slower intervals.

Also, it is much easier to express yourself on Twitter than it is on other social media sites. Reactions to your experiences and daily activities can be detailed and subsequently made viral all day long. As a result, “tweeters” often find themselves either publishing comments that they quickly regret or becoming obsessed with everyone else’s thoughts and actions.

Another direct consequence of Twitter’s increasing popularity is the great decline in the number of teenagers who use Facebook.  Most now focus solely on their Twitter accounts. In fact, many teens don’t even bother to create Facebook profiles, which used to be a major social-networking site.

Despite its many advantages, Twitter can be an enormous distraction to teenagers from the more important things in life, like homework and socializing with friends in the real world, not the virtual one.