Around the World in Nine Months: Argentina!

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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Julia Wingard '18, Staff Writer

The first stop on this series “around the world” is Argentina, a fascinating and culturally diverse South American country. For starters, Argentina, a country of 41.45 million people is the birthplace of our Pope. Pope Francis, who was appointed the 244th pope in March 2013, was born in Flores, Buenos on December 17, 1936.  Before becoming Pope, he was the Cardinal of Argentina from 2001 to 2013.

Recently, Argentina’s second president, Cristina Fernandez held a meeting with George Soros, a billionaire bondholder.  They discussed topics like the economy, the energy sector, and the Latin American drug policy refinement.

In sports news, just this past summer Argentina played wonderfully in the 2014 Brazil World Cup this past summer.  They lost to Germany 1-0, and came in 2nd place!

Even more fascinating that its athletics is Argentina’s culture.  The well-known tango, a romantic ballroom dance, originated in Buenos Aires.  Get involved: The Pittsburgh Tangueros are teaching public tango classes.  The next session starts October 19th.

Argentine food includes many European-type cuisines such as Italian pasta, Spanish dishes, and French desserts. If you like to cook, check out the link below for a recipe for alfajores (a traditional cookie).  If the your cooking skills are limited to PB&J sandwiches, visit Gaucho Parilla Argentina, located at 1607 Penn Avenue.  Reviews say, “excellent food and service –– a must try.”