The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Greta Parr '18, Staff Writer

The never ending feud between Israel and Palestine has flared up yet again. Over the past four years, Israel has been recklessly using military force throughout the West Bank and Gaza. On July 8th, 2014, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, aiming to end rocket fire from Hamas (a Palestinian Islamic organization with a specialty in military) in Gaza into Israel. As the operation began, Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel; to which Israel responded with artillery and airstrikes. Then, Israel started a ground invasion of Gaza. Their main goal of this invasion was to destroy Gaza’s tunnel system.

Throughout the rest of July, multiple humanitarian ceasefires took place. On August 1st, another ceasefire was proposed.  Hamas had disputed a term of the temporary truce stating Israel could continue to destroy tunnels that posed a threat to them, as long as they were on Israeli territory. In the first two hours of the ceasefire, both sides had violated it.

On August 3rd, Israel pulled most of its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip after successfully destroying 32 tunnels. Days later on August 10th, an Egyptian proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire was agreed upon by both sides. It was extended through August 19th but was violated when Hamas fired 29 rockets into Israel in 20 minutes. Two days later, an Israeli airstrike killed three of Hamas’ top commanders. Over the next 5 days, more than 700 rockets were launched into Israel. On August 26th, they accepted another ceasefire. Over 2,000 Palestinians were killed, 30% of which were children. 72 Israelis were killed and over 800 injured.