Why is Donald Trump So Popular?

Why is Donald Trump So Popular?

Rachel Kondrat '17, Staff Writer

Donald Trump is leading in the polls and rising in the Republican Party. He has surpassed Jeb Bush, who was considered the front-runner and a serious candidate by Fox News. However, Trump has an ego the size of his buildings and can barely contain himself while speaking. How can this be true?

Most notably, Trump has dominated the news by spreading a series of offensive comments irresistible to the mainstream media. Americans are fed up with the organized status quo of American politics, and Trump irreverently rebels against the party’s careful, image-based style. Trump’s attitude toward the media reflects the saying that any news coverage is better than none, and Americans are obviously taking notice of Trump’s style. From his comments about Megyn Kelly to his opinion on immigration, Trump is not governed by political correctness. Bill Maher said on his show, “Even though I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says… it is refreshing to have a politician… who isn’t completely pre- programmed.” Again, the American people have been drained by the political correctness that rules and governs what politicians say, and Trump provides a refreshing contrast to the typical bland politician. As the polls report, Trump’s entertaining personality is catching on with Americans tired of political correctness.

Trump’s popularity in the campaign is also due to name recognition. Trump still maintains the same rhetoric persona used to gain viewers featured on his reality show The Apprentice, and running for the presidency may seem like just another facet of reality television to Trump because he craves attention and thrives on his time in the limelight. Just as Trump sought to get high ratings on his TV show, he uses the same tactics in the GOP to gain votes. He views both his campaign and the GOP debates as an opportunity to constantly mention his “successful” track record and show off his wealth. He gains status during his campaign by portraying himself as a businessman, despite his multiple failed companies. Trump can sell himself by speaking confidently despite knowing that his ideas lack substance. When questioned on unfamiliar topics, he often relies on the excuse that he can hire an expert to address the problem, rather than involving himself in solving the issue, which makes his ability to be a leader debatable. However, Americans love bold leaders who give great speeches and stir up controversy, and Trump certainly provides that.

Trump depicts what the Republican Party has come to represent, through his opinions and actions. Now the party faces the truth of the image they have represented for generations.