Russian Plane Crash

Julia Wingward '18, Staff Writer

On November 9th, there was news of a plane crash, that of Russian Metrojet Flight 9268.  The plane was found destroyed and scattered in Egypt. It departed from Egyptian city Sharm el-Sheikh, heading towards St. Petersburg, Russia. The leading theory is that the terror group ISIS planted a bomb on the plane. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office states there is “a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device” (Starr).The black box revealed a noise that indicates a bomb went off in the last second of the recording. 224 were killed in all and 25 of those were children. DNA testing has identified 58 victims. An investigation is ongoing and Russian experts are performing airport security checks. Russian president, Vladimir Putin had all flights to or from Egypt cancelled. Multiple memorial services in St. Petersburg remembered the victims and one cathedral’s bells rang 224 times to honor the victims. These beautiful yet horible gatherings will help bring families and Russia together, as another sickening act of terrorism has transpired.