Summary of Republican Candidates

Emma Hoover '17, Staff Writer

The race for the Republican nomination for president has been more colorful this election season than in years past. With an ex-CEO, a business mogul, and a neurosurgeon as contenders for the nomination, along with typical career politicians such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, how could one not be interested in the Republican nominees? Most of the campaigns are centered around immigration, the threat of ISIS, and other hot-button issues.

Donald Trump, the outlier who attracts most of the media’s attention, has been increasingly popular in the polls. There seems to be no reason as to why Trump has pulled ahead in the polls, but at the moment, he is first in line for the Republican nomination. But many Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, find it increasingly unlikely that Donald Trump will be our next president. Even Senator Cruz, who has supported Trump throughout his whole campaign, believes it is unlikely he will win. Trump has made numerous offensive comments towards women; for instance, he insulted fellow candidate Carly Fiorina’s looks by saying, “How could anyone vote for that?” He has also made inappropriate remarks about the mentally and physically disabled, and he has verbally attacked Muslims. These comments make his nomination highly implausible.

Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon, trails closely behind Trump in the polls. Ben Carson is a more realistic candidate for the republican nomination; with his background in healthcare, he has new and interesting ideas on how to reform the system. He wants to reestablish a relationship with better doctors and patients through Health Saving Accounts, enabling people to make personalized decisions about their healthcare plans. Although his ideas are conservative and he follows many Republican principles, it is unlikely that he will win the Republican nomination because of his lack of political experience.

Third in line is Senator Marco Rubio. It is somewhat ironic that a career politician sits in third place while a businessman and neurosurgeon pull ahead. Marco Rubio’s campaign attempts to embody the typical American dream. A son of Cuban immigrants, he pulled himself from poverty and made himself into a successful politician.  Rubio tries to appeal to students by suggesting that benefactors pay for American students’ higher educations. The only problem Rubio faces is that he is a man of many hats, trying to appeal to many different types of people instead of sticking with one group. He also has to fight for votes in his native swing state of Florida with Jeb Bush, also from Florida.

Although there are many other individuals running for the Republican nomination, one final candidate that should be noted is Carly Fiorina, the only woman and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

During this era of domestic and international terror, an unstable economy, and numerous other issues, outsiders like Trump and Carson are generating energy that traditional candidates like Bush and Rubio cannot match.