The Possible Impact of a Female President

Kara Puszko '18, Features Editor

The upcoming election makes history with its two major candidates for president: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Currently, Hillary Clinton is the first female major candidate for president. One extremely significant aspect of this election is that if she is elected, Hillary Clinton would be the first female president in United States history.

Though not everyone agrees completely with Clinton, having a female president would make US history by finally electing a woman into office. Even if they do not agree with her, she can be seen as a role model for young girls interested in politics, and can show girls growing up that even though government has been a male-dominated field, it is possible for a girl to be president. If she is elected, girls growing up during Clinton’s term will be inspired by her, and will encourage more girls to be interested in politics so there can be a more equal balance of men and women in the United States government.

This is extremely relevant to Oakland Catholic because we are an all-girls’ school that hopes to encourage its students to become leaders. Hillary’s presidency would be proof that the dream is more than possible; it could be realistic.

Other countries that are generally considered to be less progressive than the U.S. have already taken steps in this direction; for example, Argentina has had a female president for many years, as well as Liberia and Bangladesh. If these countries have already accepted influential change, it’s high time the U.S. does as well. After all, the U.S. has been around for more than 200 years; we can do it too.

No matter which party you belong to or if you agree with her or not, Clinton impacts Unites States history and is a good example of how far feminism has come in America and how much farther it could go. No matter who you support, remember to vote, and keep in mind the impact each potential president could have on our community.