The Presidential Election 2016: More Than Just a Trending Twitter Topic

Ray Parente '20, Staff Writer

You’ve probably seen it on your social media timelines, or as the punchline of a joke on SNL. But the 2016 Presidential election, despite all the memes, is not a joke.

As high school students, we are reaching the age to vote. Some of us may even be voting for the first time this November. And with this election, that’s stressful. Young voters aged 18-29 make up 21% of the eligible voting population, Rewire reports.  According to The New York Times, for every ten U.S. adults, six vote and four don’t. With the two candidates this year, it’s easy to see why. Let’s break it down a bit, and find out why it’s crucial that America votes, even if it seems like an unwinnable game of “Would You Rather.”

Whether you’re “With Her” or hoping to “Make America Great Again,” choosing to vote could result in the things Americans want, perhaps a higher federal minimum wage or immigration reform. You have the power to decide who is going to represent you, and whoever Americans elect will have a very real consequence on all of our lives. The President affects access to healthcare, distribution of wealth, the social and political climate of our country, and even civil rights. Not voting means that you aren’t getting a say in the people who govern and represent you. It makes it more likely that politicians who don’t represent your beliefs will make decisions you disagree with. Contribute to the democratic process and help elect a candidate who will fight for your interests in office by heading to a polling place on November 8.