A Teacher’s Views on the Election: Mrs. Fratto

Bridget Deasy '18, Staff Writer

In a brief interview with Honors World History II and AP US History teacher Mrs. Fratto, we discussed the outcome of and overall views on the recent Presidential election, without a biased view for either candidate.

Bridget: How interested are you in the recent presidential election and politics overall?

Mrs. Fratto: I am very interested in the election. As a history teacher, it is hard not to be interested in politics.

Bridget: What are you looking for our next President, Donald Trump, to accomplish in the next four years?

Mrs. Fratto: I’m looking for him to unify the nation; it would be nice to see some kind of infrastructure improvements, economic reforms that help every demographic, and a show of America’s true and noble values abroad.

Bridget: The Electoral College seems to have upset quite a few citizens this year, as it usually does. How do you feel about the Electoral College ruling out the popular vote?

Mrs. Fratto: It was established by our Founding Fathers, as part of the Constitution. In that regard, the outcome is valid, but I understand people’s frustration over the fact that Clinton won the popular vote by more than a million.

Bridget: What do you think of the recent protests and riots occurring around our nation?

Mrs. Fratto: As long as they are peaceful, people are practicing our First Amendment rights. It seems sad that the nation is divided.

Bridget: Do you have any suggestions or opinions on how our divided nation could move towards standing stronger together?

Mrs. Fratto: Trump has to be a leader who reaches out, and he has to reach out to unify America and to repudiate those who would seek to marginalize some Americans. He has to repudiate racism, nativism, and religious intolerance.

Bridget: Are you looking forward to anything with this new Presidency starting in the New Year?

Mrs. Fratto: I will have to wait and see how things unfold, and I am looking forward to the nation moving on towards a hopefully unified future.