Right-Wing Trend Continues with German AFD

Greta Parr '18, News Editor

On Sunday, September 24th, Germany held a federal election to elect officials to office. A relatively new party, The Alternative for Germany (AfD), came on the scene this election and managed to snag 94 of the 598 seats in Germany’s parliament, Bundestag. It’s an extremely right-wing party that focuses on German nationalism and is very xenophobic. They are anti-Islamic, homophobic, anti-feminist, and have denied the existence of climate change. They’ve also recently called for Germany to break its tradition of accepting total guilt for its past actions during the Holocaust and World War II. Re-elected chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that she won’t work with the party members who won seats. Recently, an influx of extremely right-leaning ideology have swept both Europe and the United States, as well as in many other developed countries. At this point, it is hard to tell whether the new-formed parties will gain enough power and influence to actually be elected and impose new doctrine and legislation.