Capitol Riots


Hannah Werner '23, Staff Writer

On Janurary 6, 2021, pro-Trump extremists stormed the Capitol. Over 2,000 people gathered hoping to overturn the results of Joe Biden winning the 2020 election against Donald Trump. Extremist groups such as The Proud Boys and QAnon were among these 2,000 people. The rioters rushed into the Capitol, breaking windows, pushing past law officials, sitting at politicians desks, and stealing signs from inside the capitol building. The rioters’ acts were seen as a threat to democracy to most Americans, but to them their actions were showing loyalty and support to President Trump. Politicians and lawmakers hid in fear in the Capitol for hours as the crowd outside the building grew.

Around 540 people have been arrested for their violent acts at the capitol. Five people have been reported dead – four rioters and one officer – along with a large amount of reported injuries. The Capitol riots prompted discussions about stricter security in Washington DC and throughout the nation. Former President Trump was also brought up for impeachment for his strong words that encouraged the Capitol riots. While he was not convicted of these charges, there is little dispute that Trump’s words contributed to the rioters actions.