The Long Awaited JOA Building is Finally Here!


The newly renovated building!

The students and faculty alike are over-joyed that the stress of the over-packed hallways, the sharing of lockers, and the constant movement of the teachers, have finally ended!  With the beautiful outcome of the J Building renovations, we realize the first-semester wait and chaos were well worth it.  Here’s a recap of the new changes to the “old building”:

Over the course of the extended holiday break, much of the construction time was devoted to wood-work replacement. Most of the old wood was preserved, but that which needed replaced was done with quality, matching brown wood. The overall color scheme includes beige paint to complement the brown wood. The goal of the renovations was to keep the building, which is over one-hundred years old, looking like one of its time. Contrasting the modern appearance of the main building, the J-Building was kept historically accurate.

Downstairs, a theater was put into place. This floor contains the music department and art studios. There are several large, carpeted classrooms on each of the remaining three floors. Completely new bathrooms were built on each floor as well. An elevator, along with a staircase that is accessible to each floor, is a brand new addition. New half-lockers, identical to those in the main building, along with new furniture, were also added.

Upper-classmen who were looking forward to their return to the J Building, are impressed with the changes, while freshmen were simply excited to see the building for the first time. The teachers are happy to have their own classrooms once more. The new and improved J-Building has proved beneficial to all, and will be used and cherished for years to come.


Don’t forget to check out the pictures of the newly renovated J Building!