And Oakland Catholic’s 2013 Valedictorian is… Kate Girdhar!

And Oakland Catholics 2013 Valedictorian is... Kate Girdhar!

Eva Lucchino '15, Sports Editor

Congratulations to Katherine Girdhar who has received the great honor of being named valedictorian of the class of 2013!  Kate says that she is “honored to be valedictorian in a class of such intelligent, high-achieving individuals,” and being named valedictorian was an exciting surprise.

Along with being valedictorian Kate participated in many extracurricular activities including: Masque, field hockey, Forté, JOA, NHS, and Student Ambassadors.  She was a company member and costume assistant in eight Masque productions, the goalie for the field hockey team for four years, and an editor of Forté, OC’s art and literary magazine.  Of course while participating in all of these extracurriculars, Kate managed to maintain stellar grades.  She believes that a New Year’s resolution, that she made two years ago, “to do one ‘unnecessary’ thing every day” was the best decision of her high school career.  Doing this allowed her to remain focused on her goals and enjoy her high school experience.  It also helped to counter the overwhelming and stressful feelings that a challenging high school career creates.  Kate believes that “There is no such thing as ‘good enough.’  It’s only enough if it’s your best.” is the most important thing she learned at OC.  This lesson combined with her resolve to stay on top of her course load shows one why Kate Girdhar is the valedictorian of her class.  Kate would also like to thank her friends and fellow classmates for making her high school experience so amazing.

Looking toward her future at the University of Notre Dame, Kate is excited to major in biochemistry and hopes to continue her studies of French and the literary arts.  Congratulations on your significant achievement and good luck at Notre Dame!