President Allison Walker

President Allison Walker

Colleen Doyle, Staff Writer '14

Meet Allison Walker: student council president, active participant in the Guatemala mission, and recognized as an Outstanding Young Student by Trib Total Media.  In addition to the countless hours that she has devoted to serving others at school and in the local community, Allison has participated in several OC sports teams and other extracurricular activities throughout her four years at OC, including, but certainly not limited to, swimming, volleyball, PJAS, and, of course, student council.

Although she says that she will definitely miss being a part of the comfortable and close-knit Oakland Catholic student-body, Allison is enthusiastic about her future at the University of Notre Dame, where she plans to study Physics in Medicine.

She also expressed her interest in working and volunteering in underdeveloped countries, which she has already experienced through her role in the Guatemala mission. In fact, Allison told me that her time in Guatemala was the most rewarding experience she has had at OC; particularly fulfilling was her time spent with Denilson, a young boy who is receiving much-needed eye surgery through the tireless efforts of the Guatemala Mission and the support of the Oakland Catholic students and faculty.

I think that it goes without saying that Allison has been an incredibly enthusiastic and self-giving member of the OC family, and she offers all of her best wishes and a bit of wisdom to the rising seniors and underclassmen: “Take advantage of all of the opportunities and time that you have at Oakland Catholic, because it will be over sooner than you think, and you’ll miss it when you leave.” We all wish Allison the best of luck as she continues on the path toward her future!