“Bright Lights, Bigger City”: New Experiences Await Lauren LeBlanc

Eva Lucchino, Sport Editor '15

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As the seniors bring their high school era to a close, they look back and reminisce, but they also look toward the future and all it will bring.  For Lauren LeBlanc, one of the Eagle Eye’s talented Magazine editors, the future is full of opportunity and new experiences in college.  Looking back on her time here at OC Lauren says she “learned the importance of taking advantage of opportunities.”  Being intuitive and taking risks resulted in a diverse and fun-filled time during high school.  Lauren didn’t only learn the importance of taking chances, but also how to become a better writer, and she wants to thank Mrs. Streiff and Ms. McNulty for the writing practice they gave her.  She also wants to thank all of her friends throughout high school.  Outside of the classroom, Lauren participated in the Eagle Eye and says that she “love[s] writing. . . and hope[s] to continue in college thanks to [her] foundation here at OC.”

After spending time searching for the perfect college Lauren has decided to attend Boston University, and she is most excited for the four-floor Barnes and Noble on the campus along with studying what she loves and living in a culturally unique city.  Lauren’s final words of advice are “Do. Not. Procrastinate.” and “be really nice to people” learning someone else’s perspective on something is extremely fascinating.  Good luck, Lauren!  Enjoy that Barnes and Noble for us!