From the OC Eagle Eye to CNN, Molly Morabito: Future News Broadcasting Extraordinaire

Abigail Annear, Co-Editor-in-Chief '14

On one bright August morning in 2009, roughly 150 girls, groggy from the previous night’s anticipation and anxiety-induced insomnia, frantically changed out of their pajamas and into their new Oakland Catholic uniforms, each desperately trying to satisfy the stipulations of the infamous OC dress code. After waving goodbye to their misty-eyed parents, the newly “crowned” freshmen traveled to school, unsure as to what the next seven hours would bring.

Four years, four research papers, and countless extracurricular activities later, one particular student, Molly Morabito, managed to overcome the initial apprehension by dedicating herself to the mission of Oakland Catholic High School – a call to “spirituality, scholarship, and service.” As a forensics competitor, varsity athlete, and M.A.P.S. team member (to name just a few), Molly has spent the majority of her high school career taking advantage of the various opportunities that both OC and the city of Pittsburgh have provided her with.

On the precipice of graduation, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to Molly about her experiences – all the successes achieved and difficulties faced – at Oakland in addition to her upcoming plans for college and beyond.

When reminiscing about the past four years, Molly could barely believe that her time at Oakland would soon be coming to an end. In fact, Molly admitted that, due to all of the craziness that AP exams, prom, and finals preparation initiate, the emotions associated with such a life-changing occasion hadn’t quite set in. Finally taking the time to reflect, Molly found it hard to picture herself as the once timid freshman, who had walked aimlessly through the hallways for the first few days of school just a few short years ago. Only knowing a few fellow classmates from grade school, Molly quickly adapted to her new surroundings, especially after an unusual 2 ½ – hour “bonding exercise” that took place in a Carnegie Natural History Museum elevator while on the legendary freshman field trip.

Extremely enthusiastic and driven by nature, Molly promptly engrossed herself in academics and several after-school activities. Of all the programs that she has participated in, Molly especially enjoyed playing and acting as captain for the Oakland Catholic soccer team, a group of girls that she explained genuinely joined together more as a family rather than an average sports team. Also, by partaking in both forensics and the CE Argumentation course at OC, for which she won an award, Molly gained invaluable experience in writing, analyzing, and extemporizing arguments and debates, skills which she wishes to continue fostering throughout college.

As an avid political junkie, Molly employed her passion for current events to take on the responsibilities of an OC Eagle Eye News editor for the 2012-2013 school year. She knew, upon accepting the position, that she would face a challenging task in making information on domestic and international issues accessible to teenagers. Molly realized that while many students shared her interest in news, others simply had no desire. Keeping her audience demographic in mind, Molly, in choosing and editing topics, helped to create a user-friendly news section for OC. When asked what her favorite article to write for the Eagle Eye was, Molly recalled the piece that she wrote on the 2012 presidential election, which summarized the platforms of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on various matters. Throughout her time as an Eagle Eye staff member, Molly has learned invaluable lessons in journalism, a career that she plans to pursue at American University in Washington, D.C.

To the rising seniors, Molly knows that the class of 2014 will have an incredible senior year. “I know that I’m leaving the newspaper in good hands, and I can’t wait to check out how Oakland’s doing using the new online paper next year.”

Best of luck to Molly as she makes the transition from “powerful senior” to “lowly freshman” in one of the most stimulating and controversial cities in the world!