2013: A McNult Odyssey

Anastasia Bodea-Crisan, Eva Lucchino, and Annie Roebuck, Staff Writer, Sports Editor, and Staff Writer ('15)

As students prepare for summer and the end of year celebrations, Ms. McNulty prepares for an exciting year of learning, travel, and cultural immersion.   Ms. McNulty has previously gone on two sabbaticals.  Her first sabbatical was a full year in China; she traveled their because she believed that she would be educating girls that would spend their adult lives dealing with the rise of China.  This year she plans studying in Asia again.  She wants to focus on the countries of the world that are changing politically, economically, and technologically.

Over the course of 2013-14 school year Ms. McNulty’s main focuses will be bringing technology in the classes and new insights to OC.  One technological advancement that she hopes to incorporate into her classes is the idea of flipped or blended classrooms.  This utilizes recorded lectures and videos available outside of the classroom.  In November of 2013 Ms. McNulty plans to attend the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in order to learn new developments in English education.  Though her exact itinerary is uncertain, Ms. McNulty hopes to travel to changing areas including India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  She wants to go to India due to the fact that this developing country makes up a quarter of the world’s population.  Indonesia contains the world’s largest population of Muslims, while Malaysia’s mix of Malays, Indians, and Chinese come together to form one of the most culturally diverse areas of the world.  She could possibly travel to Burma, Cuba, and Berlin, Germany as well.

In recent years there has been a political and economic power shift to Asia, which has influenced Ms. McNulty’s decision to travel to that area of the world.  Ms. McNulty said that the “21st century is shaping up to be the Asian century.”  She is currently preparing for her trip by reading, attending lectures, and conversing with friends who have traveled to those countries.  On her trips she hopes to apply what she has learned to her observations, specifically how other countries handle their environmental affairs.  While in India and Indonesia she wants to better understand their cultural traditions.

After her year of traveling and learning, Ms McNulty looks forward to bringing her experiences and insights back to Oakland and introducing them to her students.  She hopes to implement the use of technology in the classroom and offer firsthand insights on eastern cultures to her students.  Enjoy your travels!